Android HIDL and Project Treble


Google usually releases new android OS version every few months and for a mobile vendor to use this OS, they need to wait for vendor specific patch from Google. Creating this kind of patch for each vendor which uses android OS is time consuming and because of this the end user to use latest OS would be delayed, so Goole introduced a concept called as Android Treble. Android Treble is a unique concept introduced by Google for splitting off vendor implementation from the core Android OS framework.


The recipient of our service is one of the leading mobile vendors in the market. Because of this massive change imposed by Google, they need to develop new vendor interface so that the dependency of waiting for a patch from Google would be avoided.


We have developed a vendor interface using HIDL (HAL interface definition language), which will separate Android Framework and Vendor Implementation. We have built the required vendor libraries and services to achieve our Goal.

And also we have developed Android vendor test suit (VTS) for validating the interface.

Programming Languages: C, C++, HAL Definition language

Tools: Android Debug Bridge

Validation for Solution: Vendor Test Suit (VTS)