Case studies_Reverse engineerig

Reverse Engineering Project


Client is the manufacturer of wide range of measurement systems.


As it was as reverse engineering project, the adversities we had to face during the initiation of the development were as follows.

  • There was no version maintained for schematic updates, therefor schematic was updated by tracing out physical PCB.
  • Listing out of initially used components from through hole to SMD and creating a new BOM without any reliable document.
  • Designing and developing PCB with in the constrains like Thermal, EMI & EMC and PI by implementing simulation results.
  • Creating a unit test plan for individual sections with simulation results.
  • Creating relevant hardware documents for further development purpose.



  • Replacing obsolete components to active components.
  • Drafting schematic with relevant design changes. 
  • Thermal, EMI & EMC and PI simulations.
  • 4 Layer PCB design.
  • Testing and verifying practical results with simulated results. 


Developed firmware for testing communication and other hardware interfaces.

  • ADC,
  • DAC,
  • TEC Control,
  • Pressure sensor,
  • Temperature sensor,
  • Opamps with multiple configurations,
  • CMOS 8-bit Microcontroller.


Datashrubs is involved in the hardware and firmware development and could give valuable inputs to the functional specifications.

Datashrubs also gained more capability for reverse engineering project with limited information’s.